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When I Was Young | 8 Questions With Two Little Guests

 "When I was young, it was more important, Pain more painful, the laughter much louder, yeah, When I was young..." - The Animals Many people question the point behind taking young ones with on holidays abroad. They doubt how much of t...

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A Guide To The Spirit Of Zambia

The spirit of Zambia is both wild and graceful. It rouses as much as it calms and it is all-embracing - it speaks to romantics, birders, adventure seekers, to every facet of the human spirit itself. As a destination, Zambia creates many ...

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How To Be Quiet – Unexpected Lessons From Unexpected Guests

We are very grateful for this blog and are greatly saddened when the noise of the outside world keeps us from it. Partly because it allows us, as Anaïs Nin wrote, to taste life twice, and partly because it reminds of the little things th...

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Zambia’s First Official Dessert – A Recipe

The story goes that our Chef, Mr Sungani Phiri, was putting together a new tasting menu for Royal Chundu's guests. Naturally he wanted to show off his culinary prowess and go with something that would meet international palates, somethin...

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The Artist Known As Mabi

"Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway." - Mary Kay Ash We wanted to introduce you to the artist known as Mabi, the man behind many of the creations aro...

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