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Find the Others ~ Community & Abundance on the Zambezi

Making a better world through cuisine and hospitality. That is the credo of our family at Relais & Châteaux. It’s part of our personal credo, too. These timeless traditions, cuisine and hospitality, allow us to do something truly imp...

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January on the Zambezi

As the new year takes its place in the great flow, we find ourselves pondering not simply notions like the flow, or whether new year resolutions matter, and what a new year even means when time is illusory, because that would be too simp...

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Travel with kids Zambia

The Essentials of Essential Travel

Getting out into the world, feeling time and space in the different parts of the globe, is one of life’s untouchables. One of the few good and necessary things, vital for a healthy and whole life. The concept of getting away from it a...

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