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The Answers to Life in the Touch of a Child’s Hand

There's something about the touch of a child's hand in your hand. The gentle embrace of a life so new and fragile. We arrived on the riverbank of the Malombo village by boat and the faces of the children and grandchildren of the famil...

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What Peace Is & What Peace Is Not ~ a Zambezi Lesson

You know the moment just before you fall asleep? When, if you're lucky, and still conscious enough, you can catch yourself falling, slipping... You feel your body and mind passing over. It's out of your control. One minute you're thinkin...

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The Simple Freedom of Royal Chundu’s Island Treehouse

What's essential to you? We've been asking this in our quest to ensure that we're living from the heart. To make sure that we don't forget what is really important to us as individuals and as a community, as humanity, as we move along th...

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Changing Lives Through Photography on the Zambezi

“Essentially what photography is is life lit up.” — Sam Abell Photography is purpose and storytelling, it is celebration and conservation. It is so much more than a camera and a subject. We've felt the way it has transformed us on the ...

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The Philosophy of Royal Chundu

What Started as One Seed Became a Field of Opportunity We recently caught up with Relais & Chateaux Africa, gathered around a coffee table covered in chitenge dish covers and Zambian-made leather handbags, to chat about their Find t...

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Travelling to Get Closer to Nature. Your True Nature…

Why Peace and Quiet is Good For Us "We are not on this earth to accumulate victories, things, and experiences, but to be whittled and sandpapered until what’s left is who we truly are." ~ Arianna Huffington We've often heard it said......

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This is Victoria Falls Right Now

Our guests, Salwa and Sharief Ismail, visited the lodge this month and took a day trip to visit that iconic world wonder downstream from us. When it comes to the Victoria Falls, there is always a reason to visit - for some of us, it'...

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A Month of Love on the Zambezi

People get all mixed up with the word, Love. Such a small word and yet all kinds of confusion exists around it. The waiting to say it, the waiting for someone to say it back. The moments you wish you had said it and the moments you wish ...

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Find the Others ~ Community & Abundance on the Zambezi

Making a better world through cuisine and hospitality. That is the credo of our family at Relais & Châteaux. It’s part of our personal credo, too. These timeless traditions, cuisine and hospitality, allow us to do something truly imp...

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January on the Zambezi

As the new year takes its place in the great flow, we find ourselves pondering not simply notions like the flow, or whether new year resolutions matter, and what a new year even means when time is illusory, because that would be too simp...

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Travel with kids Zambia

The Essentials of Essential Travel

Getting out into the world, feeling time and space in the different parts of the globe, is one of life’s untouchables. One of the few good and necessary things, vital for a healthy and whole life. The concept of getting away from it a...

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