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We Are Healed Through the Souls We Heal

There are three things that are vital to us, here on our remote riverbank... Our connection to the land, our unity with the local people, and the creation of peace and tranquility. Our spa treatments echo this in every way, thanks to ou...

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The Art of Tuning Out

"I need a couple of days to wash the world off my skin," he said. "But not you, you're like a tree." We hugged and he left and the air felt a little clearer. Because sometimes all you need is time spent with the right person. Of cours...

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5 Places to Practice the Art of Staring out of Windows

Some of us don't need to be reminded to slow down, to take it easy... some of us have procrastination and idleness down to a T. Cats, for instance. They are connoisseurs of this trait. It's something they practice daily, along with the a...

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How To Take A Think Week On The Zambezi

Bill Gates is more than just a pretty face. That we know. What you might not know is that along with working hard, he is an advocate of taking time off. In typical Gates fashion, this time-off includes work, but it is taken far away from...

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