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The Joy of Cooking with Others ~ A Zambezi Collaboration

muchingachinga, mongu, mungongo and other marvels is quoted as saying, "If you are a chef, no matter how good a chef you are, it's not good cooking for yourself; the joy is in cooking for others - it's the same with music." ...

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Consideration, Community & “Chef-ery”

mise en place - French (in a professional kitchen) the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service Before the picnic, there's the planning and the prep, the gathering, creating and displaying. There's an enti...

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On Our Minds and Lips This Christmas…

There's something so very us about Christmas time... about these end of year celebrations. The togetherness of family and friends, young and old, the clinking glasses and busy little knives and forks. The excitement and reflection, the ...

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Royal Chundu Lunching

The Joy of Food on the Zambezi

What has been exciting you lately? A new destination or film? A change in the seasons? An unknown diner downtown or an old passion reignited? For us, it has to do with all things culinary. New ideas and plans being tossed and turne...

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Moringa tea

A Taste of Moringa ~ the Zambian Superfood

Image: treesforlifeinternational In our Zambian tasting menu, our moveable feast through Zambia in several courses, you’ll taste an ingredient that’s rather special. You might not know it at the time, but we’ll tell you. Of cour...

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The Baobab Effect

Leaves dry and pale like the pages of an old book line the path leading through the island’s trees. An island in the Zambezi. It is dry season and the heat has cast a mellow peace all about. As the light fades and the songs of the bir...

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Food For Change ~ A Zambian Slow Food Menu

“The food we put on our plates plays an even larger role in climate change than the cars we buy.” - Slow Food founder, Carlo Petrini  We are proud to be participating in this year's Food For Change event, with Relais & Châteaux and ...

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A Moveable Feast Through Zambia

We have launched a special Zambian-style feast for our new multi-course tasting menu. Consider it a culinary adventure along our riverbank and through our greater national terroir, an honouring of the families living here today and the g...

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10 Rules to Throwing One Fine Picnic

When it comes to picnics, our approach is a little Jane Austen 19th century style meets a Wind in the Willows setting (sunlit riverside days on a grassy bank) and lavishness... Think of Ratty's offering of: 'coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpick...

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Why We Dine with Baobabs

What is it about the baobab that moves people so? It feels wrong to gaze upon one of these upside-down trees and not stand in awe, not want to wrap yourself around it. Many of us try - the tree-hugging - but most of us simply look, with ...

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Breakfast 7

Breakfast Beside the River of Life

Time is an illusion and there is no past and future, only the now. This has often been said, accepted and rebutted all in one conversation. But whatever your feelings about time and reality, what we know for sure is that sitting beside t...

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Lunch cruise 5

The Meals We Remember Most

When I think back to the best meals I’ve ever had, it isn’t the food that I remember most. It’s where I was when I had them. It’s the setting that made me feel something so strongly, so close to awe that the dishes have stuck in my mind,...

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When in Wonderland

"Day by day and night by night we were together, — All else has long been forgotten by me..." - Walt Whitman We were together. It was that last day of the year feeling, day by day, night by night. How were we meant to hold back? With t...

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Breakfasting at Royal Chundu

How to Start the Day on the Zambezi

"Breakfast remains the cornerstone of every trip," wrote Bill Prince, Deputy Editor of British GQ Magazine, in a recent piece, Breakfast like James Bond, for Relais & Châteaux's magazine, Instants. "Now, wherever I am in the world...

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We Wanna Wish You a Merry Christmas

We've had Christmases that have brought us to tears, on account of the unpredictable mixture of champagne and hugs, sure, and the blend of excessive compliments and gifts - both the giving and receiving thereof. But also, simply, because...

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Breakfast with Monkeys

Wild animals have perfected the game of playing hard to get. In our relationship with them - one of equality and respect - they make the first move. Should we get impatient, lose ourselves in the excitement, and venture closer, we only s...

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And You Thought BBQs Were Just About Food…

“When I was young I used to watch the night sky for hours, looking for shooting stars. When they fell, I'd go and look for them in my backyard,” the traveller beside me on our sunset cruise said, as she gazed up at the night, waiting for...

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Breakfast with the Birds

When you head out at sunrise on a breakfast picnic birding cruise and the sleep is still heavy in your eyes, the dreams of the night before blurred with reality, it’s easy to make little mistakes. Like forgetting the tripod back in your ...

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8 Lessons From Our Vegetable Garden

We are of the opinion that you can learn just about everything you need to know about life from time spent gardening. Among those of us that proudly call ourselves gardeners, whether amateur or expert, there are different ways to go abou...

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Pimm’s O’Clock on the Zambezi

Pimm’s has taught us many things over the years. Like how to unwind. How to summer. How to make friends (and not alienate people). And how to throw a party. The essential abilities of a man or woman about town in British society - Englan...

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The Moonshine Mojito – The Royal Chundu Cocktail Series

The mojito has a complex past, like all the best characters we encounter in fiction and non-fiction, novels, film and real life. It's part of its mystery, and being fans of mystery, we've decided to begin our Royal Chundu cocktail series...

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Salad Days at Royal Chundu

"Salad days" - definition: a Shakespearean idiomatic expression to refer to a youthful time, accompanied by the enthusiasm, idealism or innocence that one associates with a young person. A more modern use, especially in the United State...

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The Five Gins You Meet in Heaven

And by heaven we mean Royal Chundu... In celebration of World Gin Day on Saturday 11 June, we deem today until this Sunday... Gin o' Clock! As in Mitch Albom's book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, we're going to introduce you to th...

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The Royal Chundu Cook Off

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.” ― Laurie Colwin The kitchens of Roy...

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From The Imagination of Royal Chundu’s Menu-Makers

If holidays mean anything it is reprieve - from the daily routine, from single egg breakfasts and dinner on the run. It is a call upon the senses, a call to wake up to that spice of life we call variety, and what better place to reawaken...

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Island Dining Above The Victoria Falls

The Art of Dining We aspire to serve dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, dishes with a distinctly Zambian flavour served in a setting few others have access to... Our guest, Annabel Hughes captures this in a piece abo...

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A Guide To The Spirit Of Zambia

The spirit of Zambia is both wild and graceful. It rouses as much as it calms and it is all-embracing - it speaks to romantics, birders, adventure seekers, to every facet of the human spirit itself. As a destination, Zambia creates many ...

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Zambia’s First Official Dessert – A Recipe

The story goes that our Chef, Mr Sungani Phiri, was putting together a new tasting menu for Royal Chundu's guests. Naturally he wanted to show off his culinary prowess and go with something that would meet international palates, somethin...

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Mi Casa es su Casa – A Dining Experience

Over the years we have had a few travellers who've become more like friends than guests. It happens. They fall in love with our lodge. We fall in love with them. And whatever life may bring, they come back to us. We joined some of our sp...

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