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A GoPro, A River & One Fine Adventure

The GoPro is the adventurer's best friend. Unlike the DSLR, it doesn't mind if you knock it about or drop it in a river. Provided the river is not too murky, because finding your GoPro might be an issue. Having seen many travellers drop ...

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From Where I Stand – The Zambezi in Selfeet

Yes, it's a thing. A trend, a phenomenon, even an art, you could say. The selfeet is the selfie for the self-respecting traveller, an alternative to the notorious selfie. Travellers post their view from where they stand or sit, revealing...

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The Heart of the Zambezi

The team at Black Bean Productions have captured what we believe to be the heart of the Zambezi, and they have done so, most elegantly, on video, flowing like the great river itself, from our lodge on the riverbank, down to the Victoria ...

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The Art of Getting to Know Someone

As I sit with my laptop before me, both connecting me with the world and getting between the two of us, I am more and more aware that while modern life may let us know more people, it does not necessarily let us know them. We get to f...

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Zambezi + Ardmore header

The Art of the Zambezi with Ardmore

Art breathes new life into everyday things, it forces us to slow down and pay more attention, it makes us see the world, things big and small, in a different way. It brings us together, to discuss, to ogle, to feel, and it sends us away,...

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Royal Chundu

In the Garden of Togetherness

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. And our village, that of Mushekwa, alongside us on the banks of the Zambezi, has many children. Even the children help in raising children. Young boys that reach only to my hips wa...

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Breakfasting at Royal Chundu

How to Start the Day on the Zambezi

"Breakfast remains the cornerstone of every trip," wrote Bill Prince, Deputy Editor of British GQ Magazine, in a recent piece, Breakfast like James Bond, for Relais & Châteaux's magazine, Instants. "Now, wherever I am in the world...

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The Infinite Intrigue of the African Skimmer

Whoever said that long distance relationships don't work never fell in love with the African skimmers of the Zambezi River. Perhaps it's easier with birds, though... The skimmers arrive around the month of July, in the dry season, when l...

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How To Photograph A Zambezi Sunset

In our individual lifetimes we will witness all kinds of sunsets. The window-seat sunset on the plane. The first kiss sunset. The sunset glimpsed from the balcony of your first home. The new camera sunset. The "I will get through this" ...

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