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Royal Chundu

An Appreciation For The Little Things

It's hard to take a bad photo of Royal Chundu and its surrounds, our guest, Tara Turkington, whose images we feature here, told us after her time at the lodge. While we agree, of course, we think it also has a lot to do with Tara's abili...

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Breakfast with the Birds

When you head out at sunrise on a breakfast picnic birding cruise and the sleep is still heavy in your eyes, the dreams of the night before blurred with reality, it’s easy to make little mistakes. Like forgetting the tripod back in your ...

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The Infinite Intrigue of the African Skimmer

Whoever said that long distance relationships don't work never fell in love with the African skimmers of the Zambezi River. Perhaps it's easier with birds, though... The skimmers arrive around the month of July, in the dry season, when l...

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The Silent Art of Birdwatching

I'd Rather Be Birding For some, the sight of a bird in flight stirs an instant desire to move, to travel. But in the dedicated birdwatcher, there is something of the opposite, not desire, but, rather, a contentment. Quiet awe. Rather tha...

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The Cry of the Fish Eagle

The African fish eagle, one of the most recognisable birds in sub-Saharan Africa and its haunting cry is one of the most evocative sounds of the African bush. Like many raptors, fish eagles are monogamous and are believed to mate for ...

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