Milk Moo-ments in the Village!

Looking to our gardens and farms to provide as much of the produce we need at the lodge and in our homes on the Zambezi riverbank, we’re excited to be exploring new ways to create delicious treats from everyday ingredients, going back to basics, back to the land, with handmade, homemade, fresh fare.

Our Head of Security, Best has several magnificent cows that he’s been teaching us all (little hands included) to milk. In our video below, Best teaches two little Zambezi students the trick of the trade ~ Faith, the daughter of Royal Chundu Financial Manager, Claver & Renzi, son of Tina Aponte, lodge owner & MD. A family effort!

But the master, O’Brian in the red shirt takes over and reveals the much swifter, firmer, smoother method of Two Hand Sally  when it comes to easing the milk from the cow’s teats.

Learning how to provide for yourself in this way, without relying on supermarkets, creates a greater connection to the earth, to yourself and to the process of creation — reminding us from young that the good things in life take time, patience and dedication (and Two Hands) to achieve and hold onto.

We are just as excited about the milk itself – the tastiest, freshest whole milk you could ask for, pure and wholesome and self-sourced.