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The Answers to Life in the Touch of a Child’s Hand

There's something about the touch of a child's hand in your hand. The gentle embrace of a life so new and fragile. We arrived on the riverbank of the Malombo village by boat and the faces of the children and grandchildren of the famil...

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From Market to Mine ~ A Chitenge Love Story

As published on the Relais & Châteaux Africa blog What I remember first is the warm voice of Brinah and the shaking of hands with Godwill, the Royal Chundu car picking me up and carrying us off to the market. I remember the words:...

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The Chitenge ~ A Zambian Icon

The Chitenge Outside her house, Edith wraps the bright cloth around her body, tucking in the edges of the patterned wrap tightly under her arm. With young children following after her, chicken at her feet, she heads down the dirt path t...

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The 10 Essentials of Motherhood

Our home on the Zambezi is built on the spirit of the extended family. It is strengthened by the bond of community. In the villages alongside us, and all over Zambia, this spirit often sees grandmothers or siblings taking on roles as mot...

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I Promise to Keep You Safe and Warm

They always say that necessity is the mother of invention. It certainly has been in the case of our latest venture. One combining the colours and patterns of the local chitenge fabric with the fabric of a greater issue - sustainability. ...

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Find the Others ~ Community & Abundance on the Zambezi

Making a better world through cuisine and hospitality. That is the credo of our family at Relais & Châteaux. It’s part of our personal credo, too. These timeless traditions, cuisine and hospitality, allow us to do something truly imp...

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A Little Look at the Things That Matter

Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Our two walls stand as bookends on the year past. The newest one, by local Zambian artist, Mwamba Chikwemba, connects us to the new year, while the older wall, by artist,...

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Royal Chundu village 3

Together, Side By Side

The Mushekwa village is a short boat ride from our lodge. We sit side by side (with it on our left, if you’re looking at the river, not from it). To our right is Muluka, the fishing village. We’re far away enough from both to allow for t...

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Tailor-Made Tours featuring Royal Chundu

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