For Each Vote We’ll Donate An Extra Pack Of Seeds To The Village!

We are honoured to be nominated as Zambia’s Leading Safari Lodge in this year’s World Travel Awards – for the 11th year running (in this, our 10th year as a running lodge)! We would love if you’d vote for Royal Chundu, for our family, our lodge, our community and our work as a tool of empowerment for local people, producers, providers and creators!

Simply Go Here & Register/ Login:

And Vote Here For Zambia’s Leading Safari Lodge:

For each vote, we’ll donate one extra pack of seeds to the gardeners we support in the Malambo village next to us on the Zambezi Riverbank in Zambia. No need to prove it. Simply tell us you’ve voted.

We want you to feel part of the good work we are able to do through tourism! It’s been a tricky time and many can’t travel. Usually your visit to Royal Chundu would enable our Royal Chundu Foundation work through our school and seed donations and other projects.

Through our Seeds For Votes initiative we all win!

You may have had to postpone your visit to us (although we are open!), but with your vote in this Awards, we’ll be able to both extend more donations to further empower our community gardeners AND remind our team (who are missing our guests) that they are supported! You’ll be helping to share cheer and pride and gratitude all round.

We already donate seeds to the Malambo villagers each month for those with a plot of land and a garden to grow fresh produce in – produce like spinach, impwa, tomatoes, chillies, and mielies, which we offer to buy back for the lodge kitchen. But let’s add to those seeds!

What The World Travel Awards & Other Awards Mean To Us

It’s not about being the best, it’s about giving the best to others, and through awards like this we are able to grow our sphere and give more people in our riverbank region and Zambia a platform to empower themselves and to achieve their best.

It’s not about being number one, but about making people feel loved – which titles like “Zambia’s Leading Safari Lodge” mobilise and manifest in the individuals who make up our team and greater sphere.

It’s not about having a trophy to polish, but about providing a reminder to the many people who have helped to achieve the trophy to be proud of themselves and what they’ve helped to build and create.

Thank you so much for your continued support in all our community endeavours!

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