We’re incredibly grateful for all the support our sweet little shop has garnered thus far!

Not only for the joy of sharing our vibrant Chitenge cheer and the patterns of the Zambezi with you, but also because it’s meant that our Zambezi makers have been able to bring in an income. And more….!

First, with the profit from our Shop Sales we’ve been able to purchase what we set out to from the beginning… an industrial, electric sewing machine for Mrs Njapao, who is creating beautiful tablecloths for the shop! Originally, and for many years, she has been using an old, non-industrial Flying Dove machine that could only be powered by foot.

Before… with her foot-powered sewing machine

This week we were able to gift her with a Juki industrial machine that is both powered by electricity or by foot (if load-shedding hits). Mrs Njapao was ecstatic with the new machine! This small step has huge consequences for her business and efficiency, making her work easier and more productive, bringing in more income for her and her family.

The old machine will now be given to her husband who sews too. He has a carpentry business on the side and sews his own upholstery for his creations.

After… with an industrial electric machine ready to soar!

Secondly, with the shop profits we’ve been able to help more women on the Zambezi!

Edith and Bettina in the Malambo village who we work closely with through seed donations, fresh produce purchases, craft sales and guest visits, since they live right alongside us. They haven’t been making money currently through village visits, with no guests at the lodge during Lockdown, which is an important line of revenue for them. So this week we bought and provided them with fuel for their village garden pump (which we will continue to support, using shop profits).

All shop profits go to the community

And we are so thrilled and grateful to be able to do so especially during these trying times. For now it’s a sewing machine and fuel, on top of the income from shop sales, but there is so much good that we can do through this new endeavour with the incredible Zambezi Makers!

Take a look at where the money from our Online Shop goes!

Browse, purchase, support the makers through our online shop here and don’t forget about our #ChitengeChallenge – a chance to share photos of your tablesetting arrangements with us as purchased through the shop and win a three night stay for two people at Royal Chundu in 2021!