A sense of safety is something most of us look for when we travel. It determines our destinations, our journeys, and our well-being before, during and after a trip. It allows us a feeling of calm and peace, so that the real work of travel can take shape.

This peace, this safety, is something we are privileged to have in our little spot in Zambia. It’s not only because of our connections with our neighbours, our sense of community, or our remote location. It’s Zambia. It’s the beautiful country we call home.

The US Department of State recently began assigning every country a travel advisory level (1-4) to help label the safest countries in the world. A report by Skyscanner combined the level 1, “exercise normal precautions,” countries with the Global Peace Index from 2017 to create a list of the best and safest countries to visit this year.


The Global Peace Index is a comprehensive evaluation of each country’s level of militarisation, domestic/international conflict levels, and societal safety and security. The “State of Peace” for these countries all ranked as “Very High” or “High” on the Global Peace Index for 2017 .

We were most proud to see our country at the top of the list and wanted to share the results with you. Read more here or take a look below. Home to Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Zambia was noted as being tied with the United Kingdom in 41st on the Global Peace Index.

10 of the Safest Countries to Visit in 2018:

    1. Zambia
    2. Slovenia
    3. Japan
    4. New Zealand
    5. Norway
    6. Chile
    7. Austria
    8. Singapore
    9. Costa Rica
    10. Portugal

Remember to always be vigilant no matter how safe a country usually is, these suggestions are strictly based on statistics and rankings by the GPI and the US State Department.


Images: Tara Turkington