Vic Falls

Sometimes in life it is desirable to be overwhelmed. To be so overpowered by something that you find yourself like a shaky-legged new-born calf trying to find your bearings. Unsure, uneasy, and out of control. It’s this feeling that you get standing metres from the Victoria Falls – called one of the wonders of this world because you can’t help but be in awe, to be filled with wonder. To suddenly feel that your senses have both left and heightened simultaneously. A bit like when falling in love. Victoria is a rather fetching lass after all… moving on in years, yes, but tall, dazzling, and with that Marilyn Monroe quality that commands attention.


A few months ago, a false news report spread the word that the Falls were drying up. A ridiculous notion but one that many took as truth – considering that at that time of the year, the dry season, the Zambezi River’s flow does decrease, causing a much lighter cascade at the Falls. This happens each year, as it has for eons.

Right now, it is quite obvious that this elder of the natural world is not going anywhere. Being rainy season, the flow is back to being fierce and fervent, flowing in all its glory.

Take a look at our Instagram for videos and photos of our dearest Victoria, as captured by our guides, during a day trip from the lodge, 30 kilometres upstream.

This is… Mosi-oa-Tunya.