We have been celebrating #theroyalchunduexperience for a year now and have seen its effect in portraying what we have tried to and continue to try to create here at Royal Chundu – an experience in itself, a destination all of its own, with its own unique cuisine, decor, people and activities. But it’s an experience that does also easily connect with the outside world – when you’re willing to let it in.

In between the solitude, the tranquility, the great private adventure that is #theroyalchunduexperience, the outside world does call and one of our favourite places to visit for the day is that natural world wonder downstream from us – the Victoria Falls.

In our latest video catch a glimpse of a morning on our river, followed by a swim in Angel’s Pool in Livingstone Island and a trek to view the mighty falls – all contentedly finished off with #thatsunset, back on our riverbank…

Contact us to plan your own trip to this world wonder during your Royal Chundu holiday. Go one step further and consider some of these itineraries we have put together to include Royal Chundu and other corners of Africa.