With a Grain of Love & Flavour

Our Chefs have been putting the last few months without guests to good use, using the time to play and create and let their imaginations run wild while we couldn’t physically… Our Chef team have found great inspiration during their time at home with family and come up with exciting new dishes for a special Zambezi Tasting Menu with uniquely local ingredients. The Team includes Chefs George, Banda, Kabunda, Peter, Justin, Juliet, Teddy, Mwenda, Johannes and John John!

We’re excited to bring you a look at our new Tasting Menu, and even more excited to share these tastes with you on your next visit!

We’ll bring you a more detailed look at the local ingredients mentioned below in the coming weeks, such as mongu, mgongo, masawa, mundambi and muhoro!

Traditional Drink

First on the menu, our traditional drink is referred to as, “Seven days,” and is made from a fermented sorghum sprout, “Gankata”.

Freshwater Crayfish: with Mongu rice, wild rice, coriander and pepperdew.

The Mongu rice comes from the Western province of Zambia and is a source of great pride for people in this area. It has a wonderful aroma and taste.

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OR Mixed Zambian Seed Sprout: with mabele, mbwila, finger millet and mgongo nuts.

Mabele is a brown sorghum, mbwila is our local chickpea, and mgongo nuts come from the mongongo tree, commonly known as the manketti tree.

Zambezi Bream: with mundambi leaves and sindambi sauce

Along with the leaves of the mundambi bush, we make a sauce of sindambi – also known as roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) – a species of Hibiscus.

Palate Cleanser: “masawa”, lemon zest and mugwili sour crab apple sorbet

“Masawa” (mugwili / Phyllanthus Engleri) are fruits that grow locally and are called “masawa,” because… they’re sour!

“Zango” – A Zambian Village Beef Feast: with cassava, nshima, mabele nshima, visashi, muroho, okra and impwa

Nshima is a local staple, a thick porridge made from finely-ground corn meal, called mealie meal. Mabele is a local sorghum. Visashi is a traditional vegetarian dish from Zambia prepared with spinach and peanuts. Muroho are pumpkin leaves and impwa are African eggplants that are small, yellow and resemble eggs.

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OR Shredded Village Chicken: with soya beans and micro leaves

Calabash Squash Mousse: with tamarind wild fruit and baobab cream

OR Masembe Pudding: with raisins and meringue toppings

Masemba is a local corn rice.