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“I need a couple of days to wash the world off my skin,” he said. “But not you, you’re like a tree.” We hugged and he left and the air felt a little clearer.

Because sometimes all you need is time spent with the right person. Of course, sometimes you need a little more, to tune out for a while, far from all that you know.

The requirements for tuning out are relative to the individual. Some of us need it more often than not, or only once in a while but for long periods. Some require mere short bursts. A quick flip of the switch. To calm the noise. Wipe away the static. I tend to do it mid-conversation.

For those who prefer the full-tilt tune-out, the art is best accomplished somewhere new and distant; whether with the right person, or alone.

Quiet time on the water

We loved these seven tips, from the Free People blog, on how to put the art of tuning out into practice when the holiday arrives. But they’re no less applicable to daily life. Consider it a guide to restoring the natural energy within. And remember it when next you board the plane for Royal Chundu.


1. Travel light. Less is more. Focus on keeping things simple: jeans, tees, a sweater and sneakers.

2. Pick a good adventure partner. One that is on the same page as you.

3. Or travel solo. But be safe about it.

4. See new things. Travel somewhere you haven’t been. Being in awe is key.

5. Be thankful. I find that it’s easiest to relieve myself of stress when I am grateful for the opportunities to travel, for the beautiful sights around me, for the people I get to spend it with.

6. Find the humour. Laugh at wrong turns and full campgrounds. Laugh with little kids and fellow fishermen.

7. Be open to a new perspective. You will learn new things about yourself as you “tune in.” Be open to it.

Royal Chundu Island Lodge

Island Lodge

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