Our home on the Zambezi is built on the spirit of the extended family. It is strengthened by the bond of community. In the villages alongside us, and all over Zambia, this spirit often sees grandmothers or siblings taking on roles as mothers to young ones, helping where needed, where essential, where a mother might be amiss or demands too heavy.

Many of us have our own incredible mothers whom we are fortunate to hold close, to hold up in gratitude for the life they have given us, the love they continue to give us.

There are so many inspiring mothers across our team: among the managers, chefs, waiters, spa therapists, house-keeping team; our school teachers and headmistress. Never mind the travelling mothers and families who visit our lodge.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate these women, we celebrate the Mums we have been born to, but also the mothers who have stepped in to see us grow up, the mothers we meet further along on our paths, the women who give us a space in their hearts and homes for no reason other than compassion.


For Mother’s Day, we celebrate the soul of motherhood.

What does this soul look like?

After talking among our family, we’ve defined the 10 qualities of motherhood. To us, a mother is:

  • Tenacious
  • Loyal
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Unconditional
  • Eternal
  • Strong
  • Courageous
  • Wise
  • Gentle
  • Kind

What qualities would you add?

Take a look below at what motherhood looks like to our team:

“In Zambia, we carry our babies on our backs. This makes our connection with our new-born deeper. The connection between mother and child begins in the womb but it remains strong for long after. No matter how hard the journey, a mother is a fighter. She will never let her kids go hungry. She will sacrifice her life for her child and be there eternally for them. No child is ever too big for a mother. Your child will always be your child.” ~ Aggie, Lodge Manager and Mother


“My mother, my sister, my best friend and my mentor you made me into the woman that I am today. You showed me how a woman is supposed to live. You showed me love. You were there when I needed you and you gave me whatever I needed. I love you so much.” ~ Chef Martha, Soccer Mom for the Royal Chundu Soccer Team

Chef Martha 1

“Mother is love and Mother’s Day is a great way to show love to our mothers and wives for the great things they have done and continue to do for us and our families. Mothers are strong and respected and not afraid of the future. A mother speaks with gentle wisdom. She is always busy looking after her family’s needs. I salute all mothers, because to me the word mother means love.” ~ Kombo, Sommelier & Senior Waiter, Father and Husband.

RC sleepout

“In the animal world, we can also see how animals protect and care for their babies. After 24 hours of giving birth to its young, a vervet monkey mother will carry her baby under her stomach, while jumping and climbing tall trees together in search of food. This just shows the mother’s love and care for its child. Watch how elephants protect their babies when they’re crossing the road, how the dominant males stand on the sides to give shelter and how the mothers then put their babies in the middle for security.” ~ Kombo