The spirit of Zambia is both wild and graceful. It rouses as much as it calms and it is all-embracing – it speaks to romantics, birders, adventure seekers, to every facet of the human spirit itself. As a destination, Zambia creates many varied experiences for the travellers of the world.


From our setting on the Zambezi River, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, we are ourselves eternal adventurers of this part of Africa – whether following our river down to the Victoria Falls, the “Adventure Capital of Africa”, or heading inland, into the heart of the nation, to seek out the wild safari moments that await. In particular, the wild south – South Luangwa.

Join us in the chase of “an endlessly changing horizon”, in the words of Jon Krakauer, in Into the Wild, and experience the spirit of Zambia in these three ways below.

Image from Batoka Sky, Seasons in Africa

Image: Batoka Sky. Microlighting over the Victoria Falls.

3 Ways To Experience The Spirit of Zambia

1. The Safari Experience

Explore Zambia on this Route Less Travelled – Zambia to Malawi. Start with Royal Chundu on the Zambezi River and a Victoria Falls adventure, and then head off into the remote South Luangwa valley for a safari at Chinzombo Lodge, on the banks of the Luangwa River. This region of Africa is home to the original walking safari.

Continue the African adventure across the border in Malawi, a destination less frequented by travellers, and all the more special for it. We recommend the beachside lodge, Kaya Mawa, on Likoma Island in Lake Malawi. Take a look at the tour here.

Chinzombo Camp, Zambia

Image: Chinzombo Camp, Zambia

2. The Rail Experience

On this 5 day African Voyage, board Rovos Rail, one of the world’s most luxurious passenger trains, travelling between Victoria Falls and South Africa. Experience the roar of the Falls before arriving at Royal Chundu, and the scenery of the nation en route. Alternatively start at Victoria Falls and head out on Rovos Rail through Zambia to South Africa.

Rovos Rail

3. The River Experience

Join us at Royal Chundu, on the upper reaches of the Zambezi – a sanctuary of quiet, a river of romance, a veritable birds’ nest, and a stream of endless adventure… It is a corner that encompasses all of the facets of the nation’s spirit.

River Rafting Lift Out

Image: Batoka Sky. Helicopter rides over the Zambezi River.


Browse more recommended tours which we’ve created to link your Royal Chundu stay to a greater journey through the rest of Africa. Chat to us to start planning your trip and to tweak it to best suit you.