A Taste of Zambia

A Taste of Zambia

Consideration, Community & “Chef-ery”

mise en place – French (in a professional kitchen) the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service Before the picnic, there’s the planning and the prep, the gathering, creating and displaying. There’s an entire dance that leads up to the event, an unseen dance that is worth taking a…

A Taste of Zambia

On Our Minds and Lips This Christmas…

There’s something so very us about Christmas time… about these end of year celebrations. The togetherness of family and friends, young and old, the clinking glasses and busy little knives and forks. The excitement and reflection, the gratitude and the giving and receiving. They’re values we hold all year round.…

A Taste of Zambia

The Joy of Food on the Zambezi

What has been exciting you lately? A new destination or film? A change in the seasons? An unknown diner downtown or an old passion reignited? For us, it has to do with all things culinary. New ideas and plans being tossed and turned in the kitchen. The coming together of…

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