Royal Chundu Lodge Chef

What has been exciting you lately?

A new destination or film? A change in the seasons? An unknown diner downtown or an old passion reignited?

For us, it has to do with all things culinary. New ideas and plans being tossed and turned in the kitchen. The coming together of our team to re-inspire our gastronomic experience.

We’ll be turning even more to the land we call home next year. To the traditions, the ingredients, the flavours born from the Zambezi riverbank and inland Zambia.

A new year calls for it ~ new thrills, new energy, a more urgent purpose as much as a more inspired desire for play and excitement.

Royal Chundu Zambia Lunching

So let’s inspire each other, let’s thrill and energise ourselves and those around us. Let’s play more than we work and find the purpose there, in the spaces between.

In the joy of food.

The joy of union, community, and pure, fresh, local, sustainable cuisine.

Here is a look at a few flavours from this year.

But keep your noses and eyes alert for what the new year is about to bring.

Breakfast buff

Bloody Mary bar 1

Dining 1

Royal Chundu Lunch Dining

Royal Chundu Zambia Dining 1

Royal Chundu Zambia Dining 2

Royal Chundu Zambia Dining 3

Royal Chundu Zambia Dining 8

Royal Chundu Zambia Dining 9

Royal Chundu Lunch

Royal Chundu Island Lodge lunch

Royal Chundu Cheese platter

Royal Chundu Cheese platter 1

RC team

RC Island Lodge 4

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