When it comes to picnics, our approach is a little Jane Austen 19th century style meets a Wind in the Willows setting (sunlit riverside days on a grassy bank) and lavishness… Think of Ratty’s offering of: ‘coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpickledgherkinssaladfrenchrollscresssandwiches
pottedmeatgingerbeerlemonadesodawater- ‘

There are times when we too echo Mole’s subsequent cries of, ‘O stop, stop. This is too much!” But in the end, it is always just right… The variety, the combinations, the never-ending nature of each tray and glass.

Royal Chundu Picnic 1

But just so we’re clear, for you throwing your own fine picnic at home, and you canoeing down to ours, there are a few essentials when it comes to picnics. When it comes to setting, atmosphere and dining. Ten to be precise. Discover them below and let us know…

What comes to your mind when you picture the perfect picnic?


10 Rules to Throwing One Fine Picnic

1. An isolated spot, a little nest between the trees.

2. Fresh air, for a true encounter with nature. Take along the camera and binoculars.

3. Quiet, enough to hear the rustle of the monkeys in the leaves and the river on its journey.


4. Peace, disconnected from distractions and demands. A chance to go slow, or fast, at your own will.

5. Privacy, as much as needed.

6. Company or solitude: friends, family, your favourite human, or no one at all…


7. A picnic table, a Persian and a Pimm’s.

8. A hammock, a cushion and sunglasses. Now lie back.

9. Delicious food and plenty of it. The scent of a BBQ in the background is key. Our chefs and waiters agree.

Royal Chundu Picnic 2


Royal Chundu Picnic 3

10. Something to cheers with: from the gin tray, the Bloody Mary bar or the smoothie and juice mokoro. Or perhaps an ice cold Mosi.

Royal Chundu Pimms


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