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“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” 
― Nelson Mandela

We started the Royal Chundu Foundation School in February last year as an early childhood education centre for the children in our community. The young ones of our chefs and handymen, our spa therapists and managers, the people who make up the foundation of our own home. It started as an idea to educate others but in truth it has taught us so much more. Such is the nature of philanthropy. Of kindness itself.

You receive as much as you give. Our guests at the lodge have proven that too, donating everything from toys to a printer to the school. While there is plenty more we’re still in need of – photocopiers, for instance – we see this very much as the foundation of the foundation. A continual process as we expand our grounds and acquire more equipment.

We have grown from one class to three grades of children, from age four to six years. Our two teachers provide meals for the young students during the day and are currently busy schooling them in the entire Zambian curriculum on tablets (see below), giving them access to the digital universe previously unknown to them.

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As we continue on our journey of growing with our kids, we wanted to introduce you to our headmistress, Lucky (aka Lady Luck) and the Katombora kids, from the Katombora Islands in the Zambezi River and its surrounds. Discover more below and take a look at our vision for a better world on our website.

Meet Lady Luck on the Royal Chundu Vimeo Vlog

Lady Luck: noun – the personification of luck as a lady bringing good or bad fortune

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Of all the things Lucky and the school have taught us over the past few months, it is perhaps the time we’ve spent in the presence of our little ones that has touched us most. Children do that… they remind us of our own inner children and the glorious world of play.

Just take a look at their dance moves below…

The Katombora Kids

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Royal Chundu 12

Royal Chundu 10

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Come and meet Lady Luck and the Katombora Kids on your next visit to Royal Chundu.