For today’s Homeschool Outing, Aggie takes us on a tour of her newly-planted beds!

Come along! We’re always deliriously happy when we get to step inside and walk over the fresh and vibrant earth paths of Aggie’s food garden!

“Welcome to my garden. I call this my happy place. I have loved Gardening as far back as when I was about 6. ? I took it from my mother. We grew up in the village where obviously everything that you had to eat you had to grow it yourselves. So as long as I can remember we always had a garden. Even now, I’m working at the lodge,
I have everything, but gardening still happens, gardening is what I love. I spend my alone moment right here ~ talking to my plants gives me so much inner peace.” ~ Royal Chundu Lodge Manager, Aggie

Right outside her home which sits beside the lodge, Aggie’s garden is full of herbs and vegetables that sustain her and her family and mean fewer trips into town for groceries! At least not for vegetables. The village chickens provide all the manure needed!

Okra, impwa (eggplant), onions, rape, spinach, pumpkin leaves, maize… many delicious and nutritious plants live here and are tended to by Aggie with love.

Discover what gardening means to Aggie in this new video!