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Breakfast 7

Breakfast Beside the River of Life

Time is an illusion and there is no past and future, only the now. This has often been said, accepted and rebutted all in one conversation. But whatever your feelings about time and reality, what we know for sure is that sitting beside t...

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From Where I Stand – The Zambezi in Selfeet

Yes, it's a thing. A trend, a phenomenon, even an art, you could say. The selfeet is the selfie for the self-respecting traveller, an alternative to the notorious selfie. Travellers post their view from where they stand or sit, revealing...

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This Must Be The Place. This Must Be The Zambezi.

We had to share Relais & Châteaux Africa's blog with you, featuring our little lodge on the Zambezi. So here it is... our special place, through their eyes. Home, is where I want to be But I guess I’m already there I come ho...

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The Heart of the Zambezi

The team at Black Bean Productions have captured what we believe to be the heart of the Zambezi, and they have done so, most elegantly, on video, flowing like the great river itself, from our lodge on the riverbank, down to the Victoria ...

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