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The Case of the Elusive Zambezi Otter

"... that's the beauty of encounters with the wild... Every moment is one of fortune. And fortune, we believe, favours the patient and grateful, just as much as the brave."   We have been practicing what we preach, this art of pati...

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How To Make A Lot Of People Very Happy

"My review here at TripAdvisor is long overdue, but still the memory feels like yesterday... Let me tell you of the magical family time we spent at Royal Chundu in Zambia over the holiday in October 2015. My husband turned 40 this year a...

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Africa’s Leading Destination… The Victoria Falls

Image from Batoka Sky, Seasons in Africa Such is nature... Each year the travel world does a tally, a review of the year that's been, of the people and places that stood out. It's called the World Travel Awards and it's an award we wo...

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The Life & Times Of A Zambezi Mokoro

They slip past slowly like birds on the water. Several times throughout the day, even after the sun begins its descent, you'll see one, here and there, with new faces each time. New men at the helm, for it is almost always men. The Tong...

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From The Imagination of Royal Chundu’s Menu-Makers

“It is beyond the imagination of the menu-maker that there are people in the world who breakfast on a single egg.” - Melvin Maddocks If holidays mean anything it is reprieve - from the daily routine, from single egg breakfasts and dinn...

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