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The Season of the Traveller

In December, everyone becomes a traveller. Even those who stay home for the holidays tend to explore their neighbourhood a little more than they would during the rest of the year. The home becomes the guesthouse, a sanctuary of couch nap...

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How To Take A Think Week On The Zambezi

Bill Gates is more than just a pretty face. That we know. What you might not know is that along with working hard, he is an advocate of taking time off. In typical Gates fashion, this time-off includes work, but it is taken far away from...

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Island Dining Above The Victoria Falls

The Art of Dining We aspire to serve dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, dishes with a distinctly Zambian flavour served in a setting few others have access to... Our guest, Annabel Hughes captures this in a piece abo...

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The Mysterious Language of Trees

The Birds And The Trees There are months when I have more meaningful encounters with trees than people. Maybe that says more about me than the nature of trees, but it isn't because I loathe mankind. Not at all. It is merely due to the ea...

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The Heavenliness of the Devil’s Pool

A pool at the edge of the world called from afar. Travellers called it the Devil’s Pool and showed off their photographs of the brilliant sight every time the words “bucket list” came up in conversation. The Devil’s Pool… an intimidatin...

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