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The Year of the Bird on the Zambezi River

  “If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the big environmental problems in the world.” —Thomas E. Lovejoy, Tropical Conservation Biologist & National Geographic Fellow This year marks the centennial of the Migrato...

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10 Things Victoria Falls Will Teach You About Life

There are many thoughts and feelings that rise when you glimpse the Victoria Falls for the first time. They come to you, these epiphanies, with all the vigour of the Falls itself. To say the least, it is impossible to behold the Victo...

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We All Need Somewhere Where We Feel Safe

A sense of safety is something most of us look for when we travel. It determines our destinations, our journeys, and our well-being before, during and after a trip. It allows us a feeling of calm and peace, so that the real work of trave...

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Royal Chundu

An Appreciation For The Little Things

It's hard to take a bad photo of Royal Chundu and its surrounds, our guest, Tara Turkington, whose images we feature here, told us after her time at the lodge. While we agree, of course, we think it also has a lot to do with Tara's abili...

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Breakfast 7

Breakfast Beside the River of Life

Time is an illusion and there is no past and future, only the now. This has often been said, accepted and rebutted all in one conversation. But whatever your feelings about time and reality, what we know for sure is that sitting beside t...

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