Let’s get baking, Homeschool Chefs!

For Royal Chundu Homeschool Lesson #32 our dear guest teacher, Nicole from the USA teaches us how to bake a very special Focaccia (pronounced “fuh-KA-cha”) ~ an Italian flat bread made with yeast and olive oil and baked with herbs in flat sheet pans.

Serve it as an antipasto, appetiser, table bread, or snack.

But this one comes with a funky twist! Nicole says: “Now for the fun part! Use the various topping ingredients to create your own flower garden, underwater seascape, butterflies in flight, abstract art… Chives and scallions make great flower stems, grass, or seaweed. Seeds can create great texture for the ‘ground.’”

Happy baking Homeschoolers and thank you to Guest Chef, Nicole!

Share your creations with us! @royalchundu #royalchunduhomeschool