The easiest and most delicious way to add homemade love and nourishment to your bath rituals! We have had such fun creating this lesson and are excited to try other ingredients, especially local options like mongongo oil in place of coconut oil. The options are truly endless ?

Here we have used sindambi flowers, a local favourite that grows abundantly in Zambia, but we have also create options with lavender and lemongrass. ?

How To Make Your Bath Melt!

? Source your ingredients: coconut oil and a dried or fresh flower or herb, like rose petals too!

? Melt your coconut oil in a saucer on the stove

? Into an empty ice tray add a few of your flowers into each cubicle

? Top up with the melted oil

? Place your ice tray into the freezer for two hours

? Then remove and keep in a cool area like your bathroom

? Add one or two to your bath and let the oil nourish your body and hair as it melts in the warm water, infused by the scents and qualities of your flowers or herbs

Enjoy this delicious lesson, Homeschoolers! We all need a little soak of self-care from time to time ⭐️?