Royal Chundu Homeschool Lesson #43 Making Nature Paint brushes!

Collect feathery and leafy bits for your brush tops, and twigs or reeds for your bases! Tie twine around the tops (a few times over) to connect them tightly to the brush stick. Get painting!

Nature brushes are great for creating more artistic, abstract and dreamy paintings. Less about precision and more about playing out of the box!

Share your brushes & painting creations with us! @royalchundu #royalchunduhomeschool

Other fun and unusual items to use for painting and trying out different effects and textures include:

❣️toothpick, fork, cork

❣️earbud, toothbrush, comb, sponge

❣️feathers, pinecone, twigs, leaves, stones

❣️fingers, toes

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