Lesson 6 in the Royal Chundu Homeschool

Sometimes we need to be gently nudged or outright pushed into taking time to be still and to focus on the simple joys. We’ve being paying these little quiet pleasures so much quality time in the last few weeks and learning new tricks and talents that this period at home has become something deeply restorative and fun!

The littlest among us tend to know how to play for playing sake, so this new lesson is about art for art sake, but also one that spreads light and love. Flower luminaries! A luminaria is something that catches light, something that gives light. A lumiere is a lantern of light.

Here is our how-to guide to create your own lovely light lantern with pressed flowers, to spread a little shine and glow across your home. Two little Royal Chundu Homeschool students on a far-off shore, Carlos and Lorenzo (Tina’s boys!) sent us this video to help you…

Spread the Light

~ How to Make Flower Luminaries ~

1. Pick your favourite flowers and/or leaves

2. Press them, using a book with a heavy weight on top and wait until they are properly dry

3. Place whatever flower or leaf you would like between two pieces of wax paper (waxed sides facing each other)

4.  Iron over the wax paper, sealing the flower inside

5.  Collect twigs from the garden and wind them into a frame

6.  Hot-glue the twig frame over the wax paper flower parcel that you’ve sealed

7.  Cut the wax paper around the twig frame to neaten it up and frame it nicely

8.  Hang in windows and let the light in!

Oh, let that light in!

There are many ways to display yours now that you’ve created your luminary!

The boys have a few ideas of their own in the video above. Anything from a bike ornament to an eye patch! What are your ideas?

We’d love to see your results and hear from you, dear students all around the world!

Please share them with us on social media #royalchunduhomeschool @royalchundu.