On the River

There’s nothing like the changing of the seasons to remind us of our place in nature, of what pulls the strings in this relationship between man and earth.

It is inescapable, part of each of our lives, whether in the city or the wild, affecting our moods, what we do, what we wear, what we feel, where we go… And just when we get used to one season, the next one begins its gentle takeover. We had just become used to seeing our skimmers on the river’s sandbanks when the water began to rise and cover our little Zambezi beaches, sending the skimmers off once more on their migratory route.

You don’t notice the changes all at once – like watching your child grow up, you don’t see the subtle differences others might. But then, when you do… it’s all you see. And right now, all we can see on our riverbank, on our island, is green. Every bush, tree and grassy knoll has shot up.

Rainy season at Royal Chundu 1

African fish eagle

You see, it’s rainy season now, and it will be until April. The downpours change – shifting between light drizzle, thunderous storms with lightning electrifying our sky – a rather spectacular view through the mosquito net around our beds – and clear skies – when we head out on the river to view the changing scene up close.

The picnic spot beneath the trees encircled in new lush life. The ancient baobabs on our island, framed by unruly bushes. Butterflies flitting between delicate purple flowers. The African Fish Eagle fishing in renewed rivulets. Wild mushrooms spreading out over branches. Frogs singing from unseen corners. The flood of water gushing over the Victoria Falls downstream from Royal Chundu.

Perhaps you can tell, perhaps you have experienced it for yourself, but this is one of our favourite times of the year. The air is cooler and the clouds across the sky turn our sunrises and sunsets into works of art.

Below is a look at the green of which we speak… For more information about the seasons of the Zambezi, take a look at the When To Visit section on our website.

River Lodge in green season


Rainy season at Royal Chundu

Island 2


Island 1

Baobab 1

Green season

River life

River Lodge