Image from Batoka Sky, Seasons in Africa

Image from Batoka Sky, Seasons in Africa

Such is nature…

Each year the travel world does a tally, a review of the year that’s been, of the people and places that stood out. It’s called the World Travel Awards and it’s an award we work towards with each day that passes and each guest we welcome. But while we constantly (and gladly) work to improve, enhance and grow, as people and as a lodge (Zambia’s Leading Safari Lodge), the Victoria Falls doesn’t have to do anything at all.

And yet, it finds itself with a nomination among Africa’s greatest attractions, for the title of “Africa’s Leading Destination“. Each year it continues to propel the weight of one of Africa’s mightiest rivers over its cliff face, 108 metres down into the smoke that envelops the gorge below. It never worries about doing a better job, because such is nature – content and proud yet, always, mesmerising.

Mighty Zambezi

Batoka Sky Microlights

Even when the water is low, the Falls running dry, they impress with the improved visibility of the gorge’s grand walls and the emergence of the Devil’s Pool.

We invite you to cast your vote for what we’re sure is Africa’s Leading Destination in this year’s World Travel awards… The Victoria Falls. A scene so lovely, as explorer David Livingstone said, that “must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

Devils Pool

The Devil’s Pool

How To Vote

Voting Closes: 29 Feb 2016

  1. Register
  2. Go to “Africa’s Leading Destination 2016
  3. Click “Victoria Falls, Zambia

We would love it if you could take a moment and cast your vote for us too… in the Zambia section for the title of Zambia’s Leading Safari Lodge 2016. – VOTE HERE

We’d like to wish all the other great lodges, hotels and destinations that are nominated the best of luck! It is great to see such wonderful representatives for the African continent being recognised on a global scale.

Why You Should Vote

It’s good karma… And take look at the Falls for yourself in our video below.

Discover more about the Victoria Falls on our website or contact us. A visit to the Falls makes for a great day trip during (or before or after) your stay with us at Royal Chundu.