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Over the years we have had a few travellers who’ve become more like friends than guests. It happens. They fall in love with our lodge. We fall in love with them. And whatever life may bring, they come back to us. We joined some of our special ‘friends’ for dinner at Island Lodge recently and thought we’d share some of the snapshots of our wining and dining. The art of dining is about more than the meals served after all, it’s about who you share them with. Share in the experience with us…

As the locals say in Tonga, “Mwa tambulwa mu komane chakulwa eechi” – We welcome you, enjoy this food…

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Dining at Royal Chundu

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The Dining Experience at Royal Chundu

Meandering teak walkways lead to the main lodge, where traditional pan-African and international cuisine is freshly prepared by our wonderful team of chefs. Choose to dine indoors in true ethnic elegance, or experience open-air dining in the Chief’s Boma, whatever the occasion. Guests get to experience the rich heritage of the region and the hospitality of the Zambian people throughout the dining experiences at Royal Chundu.

Royal Chundu

Keeping it Sustainable

At Royal Chundu we are all about being sustainable. All our fresh produce comes from a 3km radius of the lodge to provide income for our local community, fisherman and farmers and deliver absolute freshness in every dish. We use ingredients that are truly Zambian and weave them through our cuisine. While the presentation is international in appearance, the Zambian flavour is present in every meal: from the berry-smoked quail (bred locally at the local village school), to poached seasonal cumquats and spinach creamed with ground peanuts, a staple Zambian crop.


The lodge kitchens recycle all biodegradable waste, which is used as compost for the on-site, organic vegetable garden and all water is recycled and purified on the premises. We also use our own free-range chickens, giving us fresh eggs every morning.


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