We Be Moongazers!

Tonight’s Full Moon has us excited for an evening river cruise under a round, illuminated & inspiring moon!

Our Earth’s lone 4,53 billion-year-old moon with its different phases are daily reminders of the constant of change! The full moon is meant to symbolise completion, power and clarity. It’s considered a time to celebrate your growth and to honour & reflect on your progress.

While you’re colouring in this new doodle from us, consider this special time and its meaning for you!


There are 8 well-acknowledged lunar phases that our moon goes through each month (about every 29.5 days), from new moon to new moon, as the sun illuminates it for our view on Earth. But really it’s one continuously changing body, waxing or waning little by little, day by day.

In today’s Full Moon Homeschool Lesson #39, join us in learning to make your own * golden moon phase garland * ~ celebrating these phases and the passage of change!

Take a look below for our guide to creating your own garland to hang up at home, sweet home! Share your creations with us on social media: @royalchundu #royalchunduhomeschool